Our Mission

The Mission of Solid Foundation Investment Properties is two-fold:

  • To make a positive difference in the lives of people by providing safe, affordable housing the community can be proud of.
  • To increase our value to investors by providing an above average return.


Our Vision

Solid Foundation Investment Properties, Inc. is a fiscally responsible corporation that achieves its consistent growth and profitability through due diligence, acquisition, management, and sound exit strategies.  All is done with the utmost integrity and respect for all persons.


Our Values

Solid Foundation Investment Properties Inc. conducts its business in a way that exemplifies the following core values:

1)     Integrity – We are true to our word and keep our commitments.  We will do what we said we would do.  We will have it done when we said we would have it done. 

2)     Respect – We treat all people the way we want to be treated.

3)     Leadership – We are a positive example to those around us.

4)     Passion – We have an undying passion to fulfill our mission.

5)     Innovation – We are not afraid to “think outside the box”, to come up with innovative business solutions that do not violate our core values, vision, or mission.


Our Unique Value Proposition

SFIP provides a detailed system of information reporting for Private Lenders that allows them to thoroughly evaluate a real estate project and put their money to work for a predetermined period of time, thereby giving them flexibility for future investments.


SFIP is managed by Gary Hippensteel