We have been blessed to work with great businesses in our area.  Here is what they had to say about us…

“Foster Results has maintained a business relationship with Gary Hippensteel and SFIP, Inc for the past three years. Initially, we provided bookkeeping services to SFIP and have recently begun providing CFO consulting to help the company manage their business finances.  SFIP maintains a positive business relationship with our organization and is in good standing.”  -Jennifer Foster, President, Foster Results LLC

“I have had the honor and pleasure to work with Mr Hippensteel throughout the past eight years in mulitple capacities as his electrical contractor both on his personal property, his investment properties and his rental properties.  Gary’s and my relationship is in good standing, as we work very closely together to insure that all the requirements are met by the National Electrical Code on his properties and that all properties are electrically in good standing.   I have found Mr Hippensteel’s business practices to be solid, his judgment to be sound, and have enjoyed our long-standing business relationship.”  -Brian Ashpaugh, CEO, Ashpaugh Electric Inc.

“I am Branch Manager for the 38th St & Post Rd Branch for National City/PNC Bank. I have had the opportunity to work with Gary Hippensteel and SFIP Inc since January 2005.  Gary was given my name by a mutual friend.  Gary was looking for a personal banker who would both help and guide him in growing his business.  Since that time, I have seen Gary’s business grow and witness his personal and professional drive to succeed in business.  I truly enjoy working with Gary and we have an outstanding relationship.  He has handled his accounts with us satisfactorily and we have had no issues to date.”  -Danielle Turner, Branch Manager, National City/PNC Bank

“I have had the privilege of providing Gary Hippensteel and SFIP with tax and accounting services since the fall of 2007.  The specific services I have provided to the Hippensteels and their various business entities is tax planning and compliance, as well as consultation on cash flow and other accounting issues.  They continue to be in good standing with our firm, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”  -Andrew Taylor, CPA, Haffley Taylor & Company LLC

“Our company started working with Solid Foundation Investment Properties in the spring of 2007.  Since that time, we have worked on several sizeable projects and all have been completed with the satisfaction of all parties.  Even though we do not currently have any projects, we are looking forward to continuing to work with SFIP in the future.” -Pauline Clark, M Clark Property Improvements Inc

“As a hard money lender for residential properties, I have consulted with Gary on many occasions when determining the viability of several projects.   His knowledge base, investment and market intuitiveness, and business processes have been both helpful and greatly needed during the exploration phase.   Our 5-year business relationship has resulted in project collaboration with a very positive outcome.  Gary’s conservative, yet aggressive approach, as well as his attention to detail, has brought to light potential underlying risks on several projects that could have been disastrous to the bottom line.  I look forward to continuing our fruitful relationship for many years. ”  -Mindi Riley, President, MJ Investment Properties, Inc